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Cambridge Audio 650t

This looks like a nice tuner, but can't find much in the way of a review.  Has anyone got any experience of this model?

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Re: Cambridge Audio 650t

yeah! a review would be nice.

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RE: Re: Cambridge Audio 650t

Logically speaking, it should be up to the same standard of build and performance as their matching CD and amp.

It looks pretty 'future proof' with FM/AM/DAB/DAB+ and a Toslink digital audio output. (Although I think they should have thrown in internet radio streaming too.)

As with all tuners - it's performance will be anchored to the quality of your FM/DAB roof aerial and local reception.

With all that sorted I am sure it will be a fine source.


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RE: Cambridge Audio 650t

I have owned one for for over a year now and have found it to be exellent and of high quality.NICE!



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RE: Cambridge Audio 650t

I also would like to see the review for this tuner and more reviews from tuners in general on the site. There are only 6. I agree, CA should have incorporated internet radio playback from their tuners.

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