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Best Handheld DAB Radio...

Just a quick question that someone may be able to help me with, I am after a 'good' handheld DAB radio. Any recommendations or must avoids would be greatly appreciated... I know Pure has a very good background in this but what are people's experiences?

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Re: Best Handheld DAB Radio...

I'd go for Pure every time. I have a Pure ONE and a Pure Bug Too and both are absolutely brilliant. Roberts are also quite good, but not up to the Pure models for sound quality.

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Re: Best Handheld DAB Radio...

My I recommend a Nevada ND-01.  This dab radio is made by small company that specialize in all types of radio, from short wave, long wave and fm. There web address is www.nevada.co.uk ,you will find them very helpful, hope this helps.

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Re: Best Handheld DAB Radio...

user="Davros" wrote:
I am after a 'good' handheld DAB radio

If you want a really good pocket-sized DAB radio, I'd recommend the Pure PocketDAB 1500. It typically sells fro around £90. It has a clear sound, reassuringly sturdy build and rechargeable batteries.

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