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Behringer UCA202 compatibility question help.

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Hi guys, i had planned to start a new hifi system with a proper setup amp and decent studio monitors but as a massive setback ive just bought an xbox one and also had to shell out on repairs for my car so i have decided to buy the aego m 2.1 system for now...


I had already ordered my DAC which is a Behringer UCA202 just a cheap one for now.  I am now wondering whether it is possibloe for me to connect this to my new aego system which is all controlled from the sub. I am not sure if it is compatible at all or whether i havent got the right cable, could someone help?



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RE: Behringer UCA202 compatibility question help.

According to the specs I could find on AEGO it has 3 RCA connectors (for Left, Center, Right) on the rear, or stereo mini-jack on the front. The Behringer has standard  stereo RCA outputs.

So, i would just use a stereo 3.5mm mini-jack to RCA cable.





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RE: Behringer UCA202 compatibility question help.

I use the left and right RCA input connectors on the back of the sub as it says in the manual. As the Behringer has standard stereo RCA outputs you just need a standard RCA to RCA interconnect which will save you connecting into the front of the Aego sub.


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