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Yamaha RX-V767 vs RX-V773

Can anybody help me with what the difference is between these two?  Smile


I am looking for something that plays digital input in Zone 2, which seems to limit me to a Yamaha with "party mode". There is £150 between them, but I can't find anywhere that offers a side by side comparison, not even on the Yamaha website!

Saving the money would be nice, but I don't want to find out I've missed something I wanted once I purchased...



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I'm not sure about the

I'm not sure about the RX-V773, but the RX-V767 has been out of production for at least two years. I know because I bought another receiver in the same series, the RX-V1067, when it was being discontinued and sold off quite cheaply, in August 2011.

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RE: Yamaha RX-V767 vs RX-V773

If you live near London Bridge, Richer Sounds shop have both models. 

I have the 767 & it works well not had any problems with it. I will look to upgrade later in the year to the Yamaha 3020 or 3030 price pending maybe the January sales. Good luck


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