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Virgin Media 3D Through Pioneer Vsx Lx53 Problem

Hi I have a problem with Virgin Media 3D Through Pioneer Vsx Lx53. When I try to watch a Virgin media 3d programme I get the message "you require a 3D Tv and glasses to watch this format". If I put the Hdmi Cable ( Qed 2m Hdmi-e ) directly to the Tv I can watch the 3D content no problem. Is there something I am not setting correctly on my amp. Any ideas please would be gratefully appreciated.

Thanks Paul

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RE: Virgin Media 3D Through Pioneer Vsx Lx53 Problem

Hi Paul, have you have looked at page 90 in the user manual?

If you have not got a manual you can download it here Clicky

If that does not help try ringing Pioneer they are usually very helpful.


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RE: Virgin Media 3D Through Pioneer Vsx Lx53 Problem

Hi, yes I have tried all on page 90 but will spend more time with it at the weekend., I will also take your advice and give Pioneer a call.

Thanks Paul

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