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Dali zensor 3 speaker stands

Wanting some semi decent speaker stands for my zensor 3 speakers. I have 3 in mind but don't know which of these three fits best or has best sound quality difference (supposedly the mission stance is better for bass yet the stancette is better for agility according to description. I don't want to pay more than around 75 pound and has to be from richer sounds although if you recommend the mission stance stands I will think about them.


mission stance

mission stancette

pixel t50

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RE: Dali zensor 3 speaker stands


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Curious about this one myself

Curious about this one myself, as I have a pair of Dali Zensor 1's that will function as rear speakers and I need some stands. Would rather not fork over 150 euros for the Dali E-600 Connect stands, though they look very nice indeed. 

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I am using Atacama SE24s. I have had them for a number of years but I think they look great and the sound is fantastic to my ears. I think you can pick them up for relatively small money these days.


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