UK specs, prices and pictures of Sony's 2011 3D TV and Blu-ray range

Tue, 15 Feb 2011, 6:29pm


We've finally managed to extract UK prices and tech specs out of Sony to bring you a detailed breakdown of the company's forthcoming 2011 3D TV and Blu-ray range. So without further ado, here goes.

KDL-CX32D: a 22in HD-ready LCD/DVD combi with two HDMI ports (£tbc).


Sony KDL-24EX320: £349

KDL-EX320: Edge-lit LED screens with wi-fi and Bravia Internet Video, 22in (£299), 24in (£349) and 26in (£tbc).

Sony KDL-32CX520

KDL-CX520: LCD only, no LED backlighting or Freeview HD, 32in and 40in (£tbc).

Sony KDL-32CX523

KDL-CX523: Adds Freeview HD tuner, Full HD, 50Hz, Skype-ready but not 3D. Again 32in and 40in (£tbc).

Sony KDL-40EX523: £849

KDL-EX523/EX524: Come in 32in (£599), 37in (£699), 40in (£849) and 46in (£1199) sizes. The 37in and 46in models add USB recording and hence have the EX524 suffix.

Sony KDL-40EX723: £999

KDL-EX723: Entry-level 3D TV range with edge-LED backlighting, 100Hz, built-in 3D transmitter, optional 3D glasses. Available in 32in (£749), 37in (£tbc), 40in (£999), 46in (£1399) and 55in (£1699).

Sony KDL-46NX723: £1600

KDL-NX723: 3D, Monolith design, 100Hz, similar to the 2010 KDL-NX713 models but with a thinner bezel. 40in (£1199), 46in (£1600), 55in (£2100) and 60in (£tbc).

Sony KDL-46HX723: £1699

KDL-HX723: Not a Monolith design, but 3D, has 200Hz and better picture processing technology. 40in costs £1400, 46in £1699.

Sony KDL-46HX823: £1899

KDL-HX823: Monolith design, 200Hz, and 3D capable. Sizes 46in (£1899) and 55in (£2399).

Sony's flagship KDL-HX923

KDL-HX923: Flagship model, full array direct LED backlight, MotionFlow XR 800, X-Reality Pro engine, comes with two pairs of TDG-BR200 3D glasses and built-in Skype camera/microphone. Sizes 46in (£2299) and 55in (£2799).

A trio of new Blu-ray players

As for Blu-ray players, the range mirrors last year's, prices to be confirmed:

BDP-S380: Entry-level model, not 3D, does have Bravia Internet Video.

BDP-S480: Adds 3D capability to spec of the BDP-S380.


BDP-S580: Adds 3D and wi-fi capability (above)

Interestingly, there's no mention of the flagship BDP-780 player to replace the existing BDP-770 model (it's already been announced in the US, and goes on sale there in April).We await to see if it will make it to these shores.


Sony is promising improvements for both 2D and 3D performance in its new Blu-ray models - but until we get a model to test, we won't know for sure....

Does anyone know precisely what the difference in specifications is between the 2010 award-winning BDP-S570 and the imminent new 2011 model BDP-S580 replacing it?  Are the picture/sound processing engines for Blu-Ray and upscaled DVDs the same for both models?  Did you What Hi-Fi guys attending CES 2011 get any handle on this? 

The "Monolith" design is just the dark one-sheet-of-glass look. It comes with a swivel stand as standard, the silver speaker bar stand is an optional extra.

No 65" set at all.....??

Do you know of a release date for the KDL-46HX923? I hope Sony plan to make more of them than the HX903 which were pretty scarce....!

No 65in TV announced to date, and as for release dates Sony hasn't supplied those yet.

Often the larger, more premium sets (and indeed premium Blu-ray players) are released later in the year. Sony may be waiting for another launch event - even as late as IFA in late August - to showcase larger sets. Then again, it may release them next week; such is the SOny way!

We'll put the question to Sony during our next live Forum at the Bristol Show next week.

I've noticed on the Sony website they call the NX723 as having MotionflowXR 200, but here it's listed as 100Hz, is this Sony being sneaky with numbering as the current Motionflow 200 is actually 200Hz.

I've just pre-ordered the BDP580 for about £150 here in Switzerland! Cheaper than the 570!

does anyone else think the Monolith design is rubbish, i much prefer a stand.

any news on a bdp s380 review and can someone confirm it supports ntfs on the usb ports