The most startling piece of kit this century?

Wed, 25 Jun 2008, 11:34am

Yesterday we got our hands, eyes and ears around something very, very special. A piece of kit so good, we're almost struggling to comprehend it. All roads led downstairs to one of our listening rooms as slowly but surely the entire staff on the magazine were left open-mouthed in awe. At what? Well, you'll just have to wait and see - our September issue will reveal all.

Suffice to say, it was one of those occasions when for just a few moments you can't quite get your head around what's happening. We've had the odd review like this before, but it's been a long, long while since anyone here can remember a product that seems so bafflingly brilliant at what it sets out to do, and looks set to hit its supposed opposition for the most effortless six imaginable.

While we love what we do, we're a pretty level-headed bunch here at What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, which is why today's events are so striking. Said piece of kit is of course still being put through its paces but barring some kind of collective loss of perspective, we're pretty sure that come the end of July - when you get your hands on our September issue - therein will lie a piece of kit that, quite frankly, will blow your mind...

In the words of our favourite antipodean artist, can you guess what it is yet?


don't care any more, either.

Nope, Quenzer

Having just received the new issue and read the review of a certain optical disc playing product from a certain high-end brand beginning with the letter 'C', I'm guessing this was the device that this blog post was referring to. It certainly does sound impressive for the money!

just to clarify, i just mean i dont care bout the iphone.

AgentCool - you sound a wee bit uncertain tho. i was hoping it'd be blatantly obvious what the oroduct is. i mean, if they like it that much, it ought to be obvious.

Kef Speaker

al7478 - no I don't care about the iphone either.

I think Andrew has been leading us up the garden path with his Cluedo 'clues'.

AgentCool - Yes, this blog 'must' be referring to the 6se, judging by the review in the September issue. If the 6se is that good, how good will the 8se be? Well, I have one! In one word 'SEN-bloody-SATIONAL'

"I think Andrew has been leading us up the garden path with his Cluedo 'clues'."

As if...

hmmm....i use of the term eyes in the blog, threw a few of us off the scent Smile

It's pretty hard to operate without using your eyes...!

I really hope it isnt a CD player.

Kind of OTT saying "The most startling piece of kit this century?"

well said that amphibian.

i agree joe but it looks like all the other ones they make Smile i though and i bet so did other that you were indicating that it blew you away visually and sonically ... which of course it didnt, just sonically

Please keep this blog in your what hifi records and look back at it in about 25 years- it will look so out of date!

As good as it is now compared to it's contemporary cd-players, it's SO NOT the kit of the century! Tsss what an anticlimax

I should think almost anything written now will look out of date in 25 years.

It was always going to be a disappointment after a build up like that, but a CD player?

I bought the magazine though, so I guess mission accomplished.

Never mind 25 years. Its out of date right now.

Perhaps it ought to just have read...

"The best value CD player this century so far!!!!"

Well, naturally it wouldn't have been anywhere near as startling if it wasn't a CD player! The whole point was that it was a CD player – that we were being so blown away not by a new technology but by a product that has been around for years. As you are all proving, the idea of being startled by the performance of a CD player seems almost ridiculous... which is exactly why we wrote a blog about it!