Rumours about the new iPhone - and Nokia's challenge to Apple

Mon, 21 Apr 2008, 5:22pm

Since the announcement that O2 are offering the 8GB Apple iPhone for just £169, rumours have been rife that the beginning of June will see the launch of the new 3G iPhone, writes Dominic Dawes.

And as we all know, rumours like company. The latest whispers are that the new iPhone will have Nike+ (a portable personal training application), stereo Bluetooth support and GPS, as well as new software to combat those clever hackers who seem intent on 'jailbreaking' the iPhone.

That means hacking it so that it can be used on different networks, or support unauthorised third-party applications.

And if you didn't already know it can do that, you never saw me, right?

Meanwhile, there's still the question of 'will anyone, ever, release a product with an interface slick enough to compete with Apple?'

Well, The next serious contender to clamber into the ring will be Nokia, whose next big thing is currently shrouding itself beneath the peculiar codename 'Tube'.

And it seems the new Nokia may be closer to release than was previously thought. The new handset will be - naturally - a touchscreen device, and will resemble quite closely the size and dimensions of the iPhone (if the blurred shots we've seen are to be believed).

Hopefully, if a decent rival to the iPhone hits the market and is competitive in terms of price, maybe we'll see even the next-gen iPhone appearing with sub-£200 tag. For now, we'll wait to see how far Apple can bring down its prices before we start betting on any rival...

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The Sony Ericsson Xperia 1 will blow any new iphone & Nokia to a galaxy far far away Smile

'Sams Son' you could compare Sony Ericsson, Nokia and IPhone to PS3, XBox360 and Wii. Everyone knows that PS3 and XBox360 is more powerfull than Wii but people love Wii and they buy Wii because the user experience is so much better! It's the same with IPhone! Somehow Apple got it right.. again!

Madenstein, I agree with you. Apple really nailed the interface and offered users something new and fresh and instantly setting itself apart from every mobile phone manufacturer. However, I think Apple knew that in order to really capture a decent slice of the global market, it has to move fast. The lack of 3G has hampered sales in Europe where 3G is now commonplace. Certainly, if it wants to compete with the likes of Blackberry in the the corporate market, it needs to bring the 3G iPhone to the market as soon as possible. I still think that in the future, Apple will need to diversify its mobile phone line-up. A more affordable iPhone Nano would appeal to many who would like a smaller, cheaper Apple phone.