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This is a solid, great sounding set of cans. Fine value, too
Genuinely musical presentation
good for all types of music
well engineered
Not the snuggest fit on your head
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Celebrity tie-ins can be a risky business. In this case, however, the Q701s by AKG – where the ‘Q’ stands for legendary record producer Quincy Jones – are closely based on the K701s, which we previously described as ‘one of the most impressive pairs of headphones we’ve come across’.

Those with conventional tastes will be glad to know they come in black and silver finishes as well as that outrageous green, while further investigation reveals an excellent design.

The construction is solid yet light on the head, the real leather headband and ‘unbreakable’ metal arches give a feeling of quality and, perhaps best of all, the earcups sit expansively and comfortably on the ear.

Patented ‘varimotion’ two-layer diaphragms, flatwire voice coil technology and a removable chord all add to the sense of a pair of cans not short on design and engineering.

Heartily recommendedAnd the sound the Q701s make is more than enough to earn them a hearty recommendation. Sublimely open, detailed, airy and uncontained, their performance is genuinely musical, and commendably free of the closed-in presentation so many headphones suffer from.

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Treble is light and unimpeachable; any music you throw at them sounds as spacious and unruffled as we’ve heard in a pair of cans. The bass doesn’t try to lay itself on with the proverbial trowel, but it is as deep and punchy as it needs to be. All in all, then?

Stunning. Even if our review pair is bright green…

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