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Walmart Black Friday sale: Apple AirPods now just $99

Quick! Walmart Black Friday sale crushes AirPods price to just $99
(Image credit: Apple)

This amazing AirPods deal at Walmart is still live. Got your eye on a pair of Apple AirPods? They're normally $129 but Walmart has slashed the price to only $99. Yes, Black Friday has come early.

The Walmart Black Friday deal not only saves you $30 – it crushes the the price of AirPods to under $100 – the cheapest we've seen.

Theses AirPods come with a wired charging case and pair seamlessly with iPhones. There's no word on how long the $99 deal will last, so be quick... 

Apple AirPods 2 with wired charging case $129 $99 at Walmart
Apple's AirPods produce a balanced, sophisticated sound. We praised their "flawless tech and impressive sonics" at $159. Now just $99 thanks to this Walmart Black Friday deal, they're an absolute bargain.

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Apple's second-gen AirPods picked up a healthy four stars in our review. We praised their excellent usability and improved sound. The Bluetooth connection near-flawless, pairing is effortless and battery life is an impressive 24 hours with the supplied charging case.

They boast Apple's H1 chip, too. It allows faster pairing and switching between Apple devices, lower latency (good for gaming) and completely hands-free voice control through Siri.

Apple's latest iOS brings some neat features into play, including the Audio Sharing and the ability to dictate message replies. 

The AirPods Pro provide noise-cancelling tech and superior sound, but they're priced at around $220. At just $99, the AirPods knock it out the park.


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