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User review of the month, March – Sony CMT-X5CDB

What Hi-Fi? has always been as interested in affordable, mass market products as it has been in high-end hi-fi. As a buying guide, the logic that it’s better someone buys a good product than a bad one applies regardless of price or product category.

So while we’re happy to see users contributing reviews of B&W speakers or 4K OLED TVs, as we’ve highlighted in previous months, a review of a £200 all-in-one system can be just as as helpful for plenty of people.

And that’s the focus for the latest user review of the month: the Sony CMT-X5CDB. User Coolcity wins a pair of SoundMagic E10S headphones for their troubles. It’s not a product we’ve reviewed - yes, you can review products before we get round to them - but based on this largely positive review we might have to check it out.

There’s plenty of detail here, from talking through the features (and some that are missing) and how well each one works, through to highlighting a few performance niggles as well as the things that work well. There’s the all-important paragraph on sound quality, too, which Coolcity calls “the most important aspect” - clearly they know how to win us over.

“It’s amazing even at full volume, and it will easily fill a very large room with crystal clear sound,” says the review. “You will upset the neighbours before you reach maximum and I have heard many more expensive units that do not perform nearly so well. If you have a limited budget and/or limited space you can’t do much better than buy this…” That explains the five stars, then.

Of course, as with most reviews, there's always the odd dissenting voice (“Worst Radio Ever”), so be sure to see all sides of the story on the Sony CMT-X5CDB's user review page.

We’ll be selecting a winning user review every month, with a pair of SoundMagic E10S headphones for the winner. So if you haven’t entered a review of your own, now’s the time…

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