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User review of the month, February – B&W 685 S2

We all make mistakes. Whether it's forgetting your work sandwiches for the 473rd time, deleting your other half's unwatched recording of Coronation Street or selling a much-loved pair of speakers... Wait, you did what?

Yes, What Hi-Fi? user Obrej went to that extraordinary length in order to have an excuse to buy a new pair of speakers (we see what you did there, Obrej).

And so it is that we're enjoying their user review of the box-fresh B&W 685 S2 speakers - so much so, it's our user review of the month.

"I stupidly sold a pair of speakers that I loved, and have been trying to find something to replace them for a couple of months - a couple of very frustrating months," the review begins. Potential replacements are auditioned and rejected before our hero settles on our stereo speaker Product of the Year (what took you so long?!).

"Nice full bass, great mids, and nicely detailed highs with no fatigue. Are they gorgeous, nope - do they look like a piece of fine furniture, nope, do they weigh a ton and feel like they'll last a lifetime, nope - but they just draw you in and make you want to play music hour after hour." We can't say fairer than that.

You can read this user review on the 685 S2 speakers in full, as well as a fair few others, right here.

We'll be selecting a winning user review every month, with a pair of SoundMagic E10S headphones for the winner. So if you haven't entered a review of your own, now's the time...

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Joe Cox
Joe Cox

Joe is Content Director for Specialist Tech at Future and was previously the Global Editor-in-Chief of What Hi-Fi?. He has worked on What Hi-Fi? across print and online for more than 15 years, writing news, reviews and features. He has covered product launch events across the world, from Apple to Technics, Sony and Samsung, reported from CES, the Bristol Show and Munich High End for many years, and provided comment for sites such as the BBC and the Guardian. In his spare time he enjoys playing records and cycling (not at the same time).