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Sky releases smaller HD box for multiroom customers

Sky's small HD box

Sky has released a new, smaller, high-gloss HD box for multiroom customers who want something more compact for a second room.

The box will be free for new multiroom customers, though the standard set-up costs and additional subscription costs will still apply.

Previously, customers would have to pay for an additional box – at £199 – if they wanted to sign-up for Sky multiroom.

The new box includes the Sky HD EPG but doesn't have a hard disk drive so doesn't offer any of the PVR functionality of Sky+.

Interestingly, this Sky box does output Dolby Digital 5.1 over HDMI, unlike the other Sky boxes, which will only output DD 5.1 via the optical output.

To get Sky HD in a second room you will need to pay £10.25 a month for multiroom and £10.25 for an additional HD subscription, plus set-up costs: £30 for new customers, £60 for existing customers.

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