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NEWS: Q Acoustics 1010i sub problem

If you were thinking of buying the excellent Q Acoustics 1010i 5.1 system in time for Christmas then you might have a problem.

News reaches us from Q Acoustics of a supply problem with the 1000Si subwoofer meaning, simply, there aren't many out there.

So the resourceful chaps at Q would like to make you an offer...

While working to bring the delivery date for the subwoofer forward, and so give the shops some subs to sell, the company is also offering a compromise in the meantime.

If you buy the satellites of the new system now – two pairs of 1010i speakers and a 1000Ci centre channel – Q will provide the old 1000S subwoofer in the missing sub's place. And for the special price of £399.60 – £100 off the normal price.

And there's more. During January and February 2008, assuming stock appears of the new 1000Si subwoofer, customers will be able to return their 'old' sub, pay the £100 extra, and receive the 'new' sub to return their 1010i system to its intended form.

There are no catches, but Q Acoustics do ask that any subwoofers returned must be in perfect condition and complete with all original packaging – so be careful unpacking it.

For more information on this, and to read Q Acoustics apology, explanation and subsequent solution in full, head over to the Q Acoustics website here.