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NEWS: Pure adds iPod dock to its DAB line-up

They must be on the hurry hurry pills at Pure - the company just keeps on banging out new products! The latest is a version of the popular Chronos DAB clock radio, complete with a built-in iPod dock and selling for £100.

The new Chronos iDock, on sale from the end of October, is based on the Chronos CD model, but instead of a CD player, has a dock on the top to accept all iPods from the 4th generation onwards, which are charged when docked. There's also a line-in socket for earlier iPods, Shuffles, and other portable players.

There's the usual trio of alarm settings - weekdays, weekends and one-off, sleep and snooze settings of up to 59 minutes, and a remote control for changing tracks or adjusting the volume. The Chronos iDock comes in black or white.