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NEWS: Onkyo adds 2.1 universal DVD system to its home cinema range

Onkyo is targeting one-box movie systems from the likes of Arcam and Denon with the launch of its LS-V501, an all-in-one home cinema set-up.

The DVD receiver unit is available on its own for £400, or with Onkyo's 2.1 speaker system for £600.

The HDMI-equipped receiver uses the same cutting-edge technologies as the firm's 2007 range of Award-winning receivers, Onkyo claims, married to an integrated DVD player that will play any DVD, CD, SACD and DVD-Audio disc – as well as WMA, JPEG and DivX discs.

Power output is a claimed 50 watts per channel. The LV-S501 will also upscale video to 720p/1080i, can be used with one of Onkyo's optional iPod docks, and has one HDMI input and one component input for video switching of other source components.

Audio is handled by a 192kHz/24-bit digital-to-analogue converter, while a 108MHz/14-bit video DAC is used to ensure judder- and noise-free images.

Virtual surround sound is created using Onkyo's Theater Dimensional DSP circuit, and if you buy the HTP-501 speaker package you'll get two, wall-mountable, magnetically-shielded satellite speakers and a 100W active subwoofer.

Other features include a 40-preset FM/AM radio, one optical and one coaxial digital input and a subwoofer preout. And as a nod to the environment, power consumption in standby mode is just 0.4W.

Onkyo has two iPod docks that can be used with the system: the DS-A1X dock (£40), or the £60 DS-A2X with remote control.

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