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NEWS: Martin Logan develops the world's first fully active electrostatic speaker

US-based speaker specialist Martin Logan has unveiled what it claims is the world's first fully active hybrid loudspeaker. The £2090 Purity model (above) has a built-in 200W digital power amplifier, meaning that no external power amps are needed to drive the speakers.

And because the Purity has a line-level input, it can be connected directly to any line-level source component with its own volume level control, such as an iPod/portable media player, flatscreen TV, PC or CD player with output controls.

Alternatively, the Purity can be used in a conventional hi-fi separates system by connecting the speakers to a separate preamp. Or if you wish to bypass the internal amplification, you can connect them to an external power amp at speaker level via the supplied binding posts, just like a conventional speaker.

For those who want an affordable electrostatic speaker design without internal amplification, Martin Logan now offers the £1599 Source.

Unlike conventional cone/dome speakers, electrostatic designs incorporate a thin electrostatic panel that is charged with electric current to vibrate the air.

Both the Purity and the Source share the following technology:

  • CLS Generation 2 electrostatic panel
  • MicroPerf stators
  • AirFrame technology
  • High-rigidity, high-excursion woofer
  • Vojtko crossover
  • Dipole sound radiation
  • Tool-less binding posts
  • Adjustable base and spikes
  • Choice of dark cherry or black finishes
  • In addition, the Purity has an internal 200W amp, low-distortion aluminium-cone woofers and +/- 3dB bass control.
  • Both models are distributed in the UK by Absolute Sounds (0208 971 3909).