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Chord's new shorting plug aims to 'bridge' the sound quality gap in your system

Chord Company Bridge
(Image credit: Chord Company)

While arguably better known for its excellent speaker and interconnect cables (such as the RumourX and C-Screen), British high-end audio specialist Chord has now released a shorting plug that promises to "reduce high-frequency noise interference in high-performance hi-fi equipment".

The new Chord Company Bridge pledges noise protection for devices with unused power supply upgrade ports (the British firm is quick to list Naim Audio’s NDX and NDX 2 audiophile network music players as top examples), working to reduce high-frequency noise on the critical signal ground. Chord says it will offer an instant upgrade over the basic unshielded shorting plugs supplied with your audio equipment.

Benefitting from a machined aluminium chassis for both acoustic and electrical isolation, the Bridge also offers the Wiltshire firm’s flagship proprietary Taylon insulation material (as found in its flagship ChordMusic and Sarum T cables) throughout the internal wiring. Resin-damped internals further increase acoustic isolation.

Chord says a "strictly limited" number of Chord Company Bridges have been manufactured. How much? £500 – while stocks last.


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Chord Company Bridge

(Image credit: Chord Company)

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