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CES 2021: Panasonic unveils Final Fantasy Edition Dolby Atmos soundbar

CES 2021: Panasonic unveils Final Fantasy Edition SoundSlayer Dolby Atmos soundbar
(Image credit: Panasonic)

Fancy a soundbar to go with your gaming TV? Love Japanese role-playing games? Say hello to Panasonic's Final Fantasy edition of its SoundSlayer SC-HTB01 gaming speaker.

Designed in collaboration with Tokyo-based Square Enix, creators of the Final Fantasy franchise, the 2.1-channel soundbar is pitched at gamers who don't want to shell out for a full surround sound system. According to Panasonic, the device doubles up as a "home cinema soundbar with support for Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and DTS: Virtual X".

It comes with three gaming sound modes, each tuned by the Final Fantasy XIV Online sound team. First-Person Shooter mode provides "accurate audio location" so you can better hear subtle sounds such as footsteps or weapons being loaded. Voice mode picks out human voices to boost the clarity of the dialogue, and Role-Playing Game mode is optimised for – you guessed it – Final Fantasy XIV Online.

There's no word from CES 2021 on when the Final Fantasy Edition of the Panasonic SoundSlayer SC-HTB01 will be available in stores, or how much it will cost. We'd expect it to be sold in limited quantities.

Can't wait? Fancy a new Dolby Atmos soundbar to match your PS5? The standard SoundSlayer SC-HTB01 is available now from Panasonic's online store for £283 ($294).


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