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Android takes top spot in UK and US

Samsung leads the way for Android handsets in the US

Smartphones using the Android operating software are now, for the first time, the most popular in the UK and the USA.

Helped by the sheer weight of handsets using Android – compared to the solitary iPhone for iOS, for example – the OS now makes up 28% of the smartphone market in the UK.

This equates to more than 4 million people (over the age of 18) who now own an Android handset.

According to research by Intelligent Environments, Apple's iOS aka the iPhone now makes up 26% of the smartphone market, while Blackberry takes up 14%.

Meanwhile, Google's Android grew to a 33% market share in the US, taking the top smarphone OS spot for the first time, ahead of Blackberry on 29%.

Apple's iOS came in third Stateside, inching up to around 25% market share.

Samsung led the way when it came to making the handsets, with Comscore's research in the US finding the company with a 25% market share, ahead of LG (21%), Motorola (16%), RIM (9%) and Apple (7.5%).

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