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Aeroframe HD1: another unusual (but not Bulldog-shaped) Jarre speaker

Jarre unveils Aeroframe HD1 wireless speaker - and it's not Bulldog-shaped

French speaker brand Jarre will always, without question, turn heads at a technology showcase event. After all, we'd challenge you not to double take at its huge, gold skull- and French Bulldog-shaped wireless speakers in a room dominated by traditional box designs.

Jarre is moving on from those unique designs, though - but not with anything less eccentric. Today at Plug In Exertis (a UK distributor event), it is showing off its latest quirky creation: a multi-piece wireless speaker within a frame. 

The Aeroframe HD1 looks a bit like a puzzle you might be faced with when entering The Cube. Stick it in a modern art exhibition and no-one would blink an eyelid. But actually it's a very straightforward system, delivering 200 watts of power through a 2.1 speaker configuration, and offering aptX Bluetooth and 3.5mm inputs.

The 10.6kg speaker can be paired with a second to offer true stereo sound, too.

The Jarre Aeroframe HD1 will arrive in Harrods and Selfridges stores (more retailers to be confirmed) in July, priced - wait for it - £2000 for the chrome frame model (pictured) and £1800 for the black frame variant. 

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