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Hauppauge XFones PC-2400 review

Easy to set up and comfortable, the sound can be bettered by cheaper, wired options. Okay, if you must have wireless Tested at £80.00

Our Verdict

If you must have wireless operation these Hauppauges are an okay buy.


  • Ease of set-up
  • comfort levels
  • reasonable working range


  • Sound quality easily bettered by significantly cheaper wired offerings

Wireless 'phones aren't that new an idea, but combining them with a USB-driven wireless transmitter is a much more recent technical development.

Hauppauge's PC-2400 headphones will work with both Macs and PCs, and installation is a breeze.

We find a large part of the cost of wireless headphones goes on the wireless part.
If you're expecting to hear Grado SR60-levels of sound, you'll be disappointed.
These XFones have little of the dynamics or clarity of that Award-winner.

Lower your standards to the kind of sounds a sub-£25 wired product may make, and you'll be more pleased.

Decent balance, taut bass
These Hauppauges are decently balanced and, once they've run-in, deliver a relatively taut bass. The bass boost button, far too enthusiastic for its own good, is to be avoided, but comfort levels are good, with soft ear pads and relatively low weight.

If you must have wireless, these are a decent enough buy, but you pay dearly for the luxury.