Listen to the What Hi-Fi? playlist 2019

Listen to the What Hi-Fi? playlist

Every time a new issue of What Hi-Fi? is published – that's 13 times a year – we update our playlist with a new selection of the music we've been listening to (and testing with) in the past month.

And guess what, it's now that time.

The June issue of What Hi-Fi? is now on sale, and we're looking at the absolute best hi-fi money can buy. We present our pick of the high-end kit we've reviewed over the past couple of years, from turntables to amplifiers, loudspeakers, headphones and more.

We also suggest three amazing high-end systems to bring together your top-quality hi-fi components and create a system that is more than the sum of their parts, while in our Insider section we take a trip to Horgen on the banks of Lake Zurich in Switzerland to talk to the people at Piega – and to get a sneak preview of the company’s new Premium Wireless speaker system.

With such an awesome array of audio kit on the menu, you'll need some great tunes to enjoy as you read along, so here's a list of 20 songs – covering the globe from Canada to Crawley, to Mali and Japan – handpicked by our editorial team...

Happy listening!

To listen to the playlist via the streaming service of your choice, just click on the relevant link below to load up on new music.

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