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The best Apple AirPods Pro Cyber Monday deals 2020

The best Apple AirPods Pro Cyber Monday deals 2020
(Image credit: Future)

The Apple AirPods Pro wireless earbuds are Apple's latest and greatest AirPods, and they perform brilliantly, offer a comfy fit and boast excellent noise-cancelling tech.  There may be some new, cheaper AirPods on the way, but we think the AirPods Pro will remain Apple's premium wireless earbuds of choice for a while.

Being premium, they don't come cheap but that doesn't mean you can't score a big discount in the sales. And with the Cyber Monday sales now in full swing, there are some great deals around right now. If you're quick...

As you'd expect from Apple, the sweat-resistant AirPod Pros are a joy to use and offer plenty of cutting-edge tech. Such as? Excellent noise-cancelling, with a transparency mode for safe use in built-up areas – this can let some sound in, so you can hear approaching cars, for example.

When listening to music, the audio quality is superb. We found they offer a clean, neutral sound with balanced bass and good dynamics.

Apple's H1 chip means the Pros support Apple’s voice assistant, Siri, who can also be activated by a pinch. Battery life is around 4.5 hours but the included case doubles as a portable charger, stretching that figure to an impressive 24 hours. It's yet another reason to buy these extremely well-made and usable headphones.


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