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Chord Company Chameleon Plus review

Chord's accomplished Chameleon Silver Plus interconnect has been reborn as the equally accomplished Chameleon Plus Tested at £135

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

It’s amazing the difference a few tweaks can make – the ChameleonPlus will slip effortlessly into many midrange systems


  • Clear and detailed
  • taut bass
  • good with vocals


  • Nothing of note

Chord Company's Chameleon Silver Plus has been reborn as the ChameleonPlus.

This interconnect now applies lessons learned from Chord's £1000 Indigo Plus.

As well as standard RCA phono connections, you can specify fully balanced XLR plugs too. The ChameleonPlus infuses music with a real sense of get up and go.

It sounds clearer and more detailed than the older Silver Plus. There's a vibrancy and attack to the sound, which enthuses and entertains the listener.

Bass sounds beefy and taut, while vocals and high frequencies are expressive without becoming shouty.

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