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Beyerdynamic MMX 101iE review

Best in-ears £80-£150, Awards 2013. Superior sounding buds for your portable or smartphone. Tested at £95

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

Best in-ears £80-£150, Awards 2013. The added mic is handy, but it’s the better sound quality that really counts


  • Greater dynamics and weight


  • Remote lacks volume control

It would be easy to dismiss the Beyerdynamic MMXs as a mic-enabled version of the less-expensive DTX 101 iEs, and that wouldn’t necessarily be a damning conclusion.

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These are, though, superior-sounding buds that add weight and greater dynamics to the already impressive delivery. There’s a smidge more detail and drive to these full-bodied all-rounders, too.

While the lack of volume controls on the mic/remote unit might be annoying, the one-button system works with non-Apple smartphones – so more users can also enjoy the brilliant sound.

And in-ear headphones this good really do deserve to be enjoyed by everyone.

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