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Best TVs 2019

Product of the year

Best 55-58in TV over £1000


Superb OLED TV with flagship picture performance

Best buys

Best 40-43in TV

Samsung UE43RU7470

This could be the best budget small TV around right now

Best 49-50in TV under £800

Samsung UE49RU8000

Ideal if you want a quality 49in TV, but can’t stretch to a QLED

Best 49-50in TV over £800

Sony KD-49XG9005

A ‘small’ TV with more flagship pedigree than most

Best 55-58in TV under £1000

Panasonic TX-58GX800B

A big-screen bargain with plenty of features

Best 65in TV under £2000

Samsung QE65Q70R

A premium performer at midrange money

Best 65in TV over £2000


LG’s 2019 OLED defies expectations