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Struggles to inspire either sonically or in terms of build, even for such an affordable machine
It's a decent price for a hi-fi tuner
Mediocre sound
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It has been a long time since we looked at a tuner separate, and even longer since we've seen one at this sort of price.

The TEAC T-R650DAB manages to pack in a DAB/FM/AM tuner alongside a digital optical and a set of analogue outputs, so as far as specification goes, it's got most of the tuner bases nicely covered.

At this price, you can't expect a huge amount by way of build and design finesse, but nevertheless some of the edges could do with smoothing over.

The remote control, too, is prosaic, and while it's easy enough to get your head round the controls they could be a little more responsive.

Sound lacks a little dynamismStill, all those relatively minor complaints would be forgiven if this TEAC tuner proved to be a sonic bargain.

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Sadly, it's no great shakes in that area, either. The FM tuner is relatively free from hiss, and it delivers decent detail considering the price but it lacks dynamics and excitement.

Switch to DAB and the much-maligned digital signal only further enhances this TEAC's mediocrity.

It may sound better than similarly-priced portables but offering less by way of style, features and portability, we can't find too much to grab us here.

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