• TDK ST700
Our Verdict 
A classic audio name beats younger pretenders for quality
Good tonal balance
clear treble
controlled bass
Not quite as good as the best
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We were struck by déjà-vu when we saw these new TDKs.

And not for the first time: like the memorably named Fanny Wangs before them, these portable on-ears seem to owe a debt to the Beats Solos, particularly in the design of the headband and earcups.

Still, there’s nothing wrong with imitating a design if it’s a good one – the TDKs look classy and feel solid. That headband squeezes fairly tightly, but the earcups twist to make sure the fit is comfy.

What’s more, these ST700s sound better than both the Beats and the Wangs.

They’re tonally balanced, with clear treble, controlled bass and direct vocals, though not quite that of the very best rivals.

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There’s pace and definition to them, but not at the expense of listenability – a solid four stars it is, then.

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