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A stylish and assured performer: the Sony’s almost as good as the price suggests
Unusual looks, impeccable build and ergonomics
fine TV tuners
generally confident picture-making
sound doesn’t appear in the ‘against’ column
Brazen price
abnormal colour balance
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You can at least be sure that when Sony slaps a premium price-tag on a product, it'll present like a premium product.

The KDL-19S5710 is a case in point: it's so thoughtfully styled and so seamlessly finished, it seems strange that every manufacturer doesn't do it this way. Don't be fooled by our model's pink finish – the '5710 means business. And anyway, silver and mocha finishes are also available.

Set-up is a doddle, thanks to logical on-screen menus and the usual Sony sense-on-a-stick remote control, so you can be enjoying Blu-ray pictures downscaled to fit the '5710's native 1366 x 768 resolution in no time.

Our copy of Heat majors on deep blacks, great white variation, and smooth movement and edge definition. Complex patterns present no issues, and images are as free of noise as its best rivals.

However, there's a slight ruddiness to the colour balance, though, and a consequent suggestion that everyone in the film is either out of breath or a bit of a drinker. The '5710 gives away some of the finest detail, too.

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A good upscalerThe '5710 also upscales well – images are vibrant and punchy with the same impressive blacks and contrasts as HD images enjoy.

It lacks some control over complex patterns, but is a decent set.

So, by prevailing standards, this is a competent TV – broadcasts are stable and vivid, with nice wide contrasts and low noise in all but the most trying circumstances.

With games, the Sony is responsive enough and doesn't lag, while the analogue tuner is solid. And it may be praise of the faint variety, but it also has a pleasingly inoffensive sound.

So the Sony is a bit of an all-rounder really, despite its premium price.

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