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The SE535s are still a great pair of luxury earphones, but rivals have caught up
Punchy, pacey performance
very comfortable
impressive sound isolation
Not quite as transparent as their closest rivals
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These top-end Shures are off to a great start if a good fit is high on your list of priorities. 

They’re a little fiddly to get in the ears, but their snug fit and wrap-around cables keep them firmly in place.

At the time of writing, the SE535s’ suggested price is about £470, but a quick shop around shows they’re available for far less, as the price we’ve quoted suggests.

The SE535 are an advanced design. They have twin mid/bass drivers and a dedicated tweeter per side and can dig deep when the music demands. Tinie Tempah’s Pass Out thumps out with real venom, and a decent sense of pace. 

Wide dynamic reachThe Shures may not be quite as transparent as their closest rivals, but they’re still able to unravel a complex piece of music and make it understandable. 

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Their dynamic reach is wide and they can play loudly without an issue.

Add convincing tonal balance and a fine turn of speed to the list of plusses and it becomes clear that the SE 535s are a bit special. 

The Shures’ price made us think hard about giving them five stars. In the end the superior performance of their closest peers such as Grado's GR10 was enough to knock the Shures down, but there’s still much to love.

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Shure SE535
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