Our Verdict 
They're not the easiest headphones to fit, but once you've got them in your ears there's much to admire about these Shures
Much detail
excellent dynamics
Not the most comfortable
Klipsch rival does it even better
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The foam in-ear buds prove to be the best option of Shure's abundant bud offering – although we find them a bit of a pain to fit in the ear. Put it like this: you're not going to want to be putting them in and taking them out very frequently.

Play Cornflake Girl by Tori Amos and the SE420s produce an open soundstage with impressive detail, poise and rhythm. Dynamics are excellent, treble is sparkly and sweet, and the vocals are organic and involving.

The problem for Shure – not for the first time – is that there's a pair of Klipsch 'phones, the X10s, that offer the same and more.