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Sennheiser RS 160 review

Excellent musical delivery with bags of attack, but treble is aggressive Tested at £115

Our Verdict

Still an exciting, affordable option but tiring to listen to over longer periods


  • Can run off batteries
  • crisp, clean presentation


  • A touch too much hardness and aggression at the top end

Portability isn't something you usually expect from RF headphones, yet that's what the Sennheiser RS 160s offer.

Rather than doubling-up as a charge cradle, the transmitter, like the headphones, can run off two AAA batteries, allowing you to hit the streets with wireless tunes.

With a full charge the headphone batteries should last 24 hours, while the transmitter will keep going for 120 hours. We're not sure how many people will use this, but it's nice to have the option.

Musical delivery is, on the whole, excellent, with the RS 160s delivering bags of attack in their rendition of Broken Bells' The High Road.

The presentation is extremely crisp and clean all round, but there's also lots of taut, deep bass.

Unfortunately, there's also a little too much hardness and aggression to the top end, which becomes fatiguing over long listens. Still, these Sennheisers prove a cheaper, more exciting alternative to the Beyerdynamic RSX700s, even if you're just using them indoors.

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