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Small in size but mighty in sound, this multitasking Bluetooth speaker/headphone amp is ready for work, rest, and play

A portable hi-fi speaker and a headphone amp should be in every audiophile’s arsenal. Traditionally, this requires the purchasing of two entirely separate pieces of kit – but what if there was a product that could perform both roles?

Handily, now there is. Audiophiles rejoice: the world’s first combined Bluetooth speaker and headphone amplifier is here, and it’s called the V-Moda REMIX.

Great things, small packages

The REMIX measures just over 20cm wide, making it easily portable. In Bluetooth mode, its dual glass fibre drivers and passive bass radiator are tuned to transform the sound of your smartphone or computer to bring hi-fi audio into any room, office or outdoor space.

Sometimes, though, your family, friends or co-workers don’t want to hear your perfectly constructed playlist – even if it is being pumped out by a seriously over-engineered speaker. It’s in these situations that only a great pair of headphones will do.

If you play your tunes through a smartphone or computer, and you use high-end headphones, you may have a problem: those devices are generally built to work best with earbuds rather than proper cans. Not so with REMIX. It includes a dedicated 83mW VAMP (V-MODA proprietary technology) headphone amplifier with many times the power output of a standard headphone jack, so it’s equipped to properly drive even the most demanding high-end and high-impedance over-ears.

Future-proofed design

REMIX is fully compatible with the future of listening. In addition to its music-playing creds, it boasts a built-in microphone that’s ideal for speakerphone and conference calls, as well as for communicating with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Siri.

You can place an Amazon Echo Dot on your side table, connect up REMIX via Bluetooth and use it as the Dot’s speaker 24 hours a day. You can also use the included audio cable for other solutions such as Google Chromecast Audio, and even daisy-chain multiple REMIX units together. With voice assistant technology in its infancy, REMIX is a smart choice: its input and outputs will work with future iterations of these rapidly changing products, too.

REMIX also comes with a USB-C charging cable – quickly becoming the standard in fast-charging – with a full charge offering 10 hours of continuous music, entertainment and calls.

Finally, as you might expect from a product designed in Milan, REMIX has catwalk-ready looks. Available in two finishes – minimal aluminium and luxurious black vegan leather – it’ll make a slick and stylish addition to any decor. Looking to get creative? You’re in luck: as well as being the world’s first Bluetooth speaker and headphone amp, REMIX is the first product on which every surface can be customised . You can deck it out in precious metals (including solid gold and platinum), stainless steel or even carbon fibre. Each part is sculpted at V-MODA’s Milano studio and 3D-printed in the US using state-of-the-art technology.

Really though, that’s just the icing on a mouth-watering audio cake. So, reach for a REMIX – the product that delivers two essential hi-fi products in one small, remarkable package.

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