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  1. Roku 2

    Roku 2

    Reviewed on 25th August 2015
    Price when reviewed £70

    This affordable, top spec streamer is an absolute no-brainer...

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  2. Roku 3

    Roku 3

    Reviewed on 6th March 2015
    Price when reviewed £100

    A small box that’s big on features

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  3. Roku Streaming Stick

    Roku Streaming Stick

    Reviewed on 27th February 2015
    Price when reviewed £40

    Not the smoothest operator around, but the Roku Streaming Service has a good bag of tricks

  4. Roku 2 XS

    Roku 2 XS

    Reviewed on 25th May 2012
    Price when reviewed £100

    User friendly, great media capabilities and competitively priced – but not much mainstream content

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