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  1. Rotel RCD-06

    Rotel RCD-06

    Reviewed on 18th July 2006
    Price when reviewed £350

    Crisp, detailed sound from a solid, though not amazing, player. But when compared to newer price-rivals, this falls short

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  2. Chord Electronics Choral One

    Chord Electronics Choral One

    Reviewed on 27th April 2005
    Price when reviewed £2995

    Slick and stylish, this pricey player is near flawless, but for three grand it should be perfect

  3. Arcam DiVA CD192

    Arcam DiVA CD192

    Reviewed on 12th August 2004
    Price when reviewed £900

    For the money, the Arcam is a sensational player with bags of sonic appeal. It’s more than capable of mixing it with the big-hitters

  4. Naim CD5i (Mk II)

    Naim CD5i (Mk II)

    Reviewed on 6th February 2004
    Price when reviewed £975

    The CD5i gets a lick of paint in the shape of the MkII (actually called the CD5 'i' with an italic slant), getting even more refinement and dynamics

  5. Naim CDS3/XPS2

    Naim CDS3/XPS2

    Reviewed on 13th September 2003
    Price when reviewed £9990

    An undoubtedly high-end player, but this is the best money can buy – a sonic performance that almost exists on a different level

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