You can now make your Xbox Series S portable with the all-new xScreen

xScreen for Xbox Series S
(Image credit: UPspec Gaming)

Having your Xbox Series S in your hand luggage for those long-haul flights would surely make the hours fly by for you or someone you love, which is why you need to know about xScreen.

xScreen is a fully integrated folding screen that seamlessly attaches to the Xbox Series S, thus transforming your device into a laptop form factor that can be transported and used anywhere there is a power outlet.

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign launched in July last year, Australian based start-up UPspec Gaming has brought the xScreen for Xbox Series S to market, in limited quantities – and if you order one now, you can expect it to ship right away. 

xScreen for Xbox Series S

(Image credit: UPspec Gaming)

xScreen's 11.6-inch IPS screen supports 1080p resolution and 60Hz (which is how most games are optimised for Xbox Series S), integrated stereo speakers, built-in controls for screen settings and volume, a cable-free attachment solution where only your original Xbox power cable is required, optional cross-hair overlay for use in FPS games and an HDMI-CEC Xbox power-off function when you close the screen to prevent overheating.

Optional extras include the ability to swap coloured latches and a "stand-mode" orientation requiring stand feet and a custom carry case for transporting everything you need in the smallest possible package.

xScreen detail

(Image credit: UPsec Gaming)

xScreen's patent pending attachment system (pictured, above) with integrated power and HDMI connections means that no additional cables (other than the original cable to power the Xbox Series S) are required to create a single cohesive unit.

And when the xScreen is closed, HDMI-CEC shutdown commands are sent to the Xbox Series S to execute shutdown action, thus protecting the Xbox and the xScreen.

The xScreen is available now from UPspec, priced $250 / AU$355 (which is roughly £190, before shipping and import duties) and although we cannot personally vouch for its performance, early reviews posted on UPspec's website are unanimously positive... 


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