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You can now control your Xbox One with Google Assistant

You can now control Xbox One with Google Assistant
(Image credit: Xbox)

Controlling your Xbox One just got a lot easier, because Microsoft has just rolled out support for Google Assistant. The long-awaited update means gamers can control the console using Google Assistant speakers, as well as the Google Assistant iOS and Android apps.

Victorious in a particularly epic multiplayer melee? Just say, "Hey Google, take a screenshot of that on Xbox." Want to pick up some tips from a pro gamer? Ask Google Assistant to launch YouTube. 

On a more practical note, the new voice controls let you turn your console on and off, pause or mute the action, as well as fire up a game – without any button-bashing.

The Xbox Action for the Google Assistant joins Alexa support (already up and running), plus a bunch of other improvements such as revamped gamertags with new characters. Microsoft also says that tags will now be supported on profiles, friends lists, messages, LFG and clubs. Gamers with existing Xbox tags can keep them, so there's no need to panic.

Also in the update are new text filters. Choose from friendly, medium, mature and unfiltered  depending on what type of messages you want to block (and your attitude to trolling).

Finally, there's a new 'People Search' feature that makes it easier to find new teammates, an improved Mixer live streaming app (Microsoft's answer to Twitch) and additional language support for voice-to-text dictation through a Kinnect headset.   

The update is available to download now and includes Google Assistant in all countries where Google Assistant is supported. Currently Xbox One-less? Click here to see the cheapest Black Friday Xbox One deals and bundles.