Yamaha NS-3000 speakers bring flagship design to lower price

Yamaha NS-3000 speakers bring flagship design to lower price
(Image credit: Yamaha)

Following its recent announcement of two VU-meter-featuring stereo amplifiers, Yamaha has now revealed a new pair of two-way bookshelf speakers to sit below its flagship, three-way NS-5000 (£16,000).

The NS-3000s are smaller and more affordable than their top-tier siblings but share some of their DNA, including the same 3cm Zylon dome tweeter. 

That's paired with a new 16cm mid/bass driver – also a Zylon cone to enhance integration.

A chamber behind the tweeter, which Yamaha calls an R.S. (Resonance Suppression) Chamber, works to cancel unwanted tube resonance, while a new acoustic absorber has been fitted inside the cabinet to limit the impact of internal vibrations while simultaneously reducing the need for sound absorbing material.

(Image credit: Yamaha)

Yamaha says its crossover circuit comprises the "highest-quality" components, including Mundorf's MCapSUPREME EVO audio capacitor.

The NS-3000s get their own pair of dedicated stands, too. The SPS-3000 have naturally been engineered to exclusively match the NS-3000, and include a 6mm-thick top metal plate, a wood support column, and a 35mm-thick wood base, complete with a metal plate and floor spikes.

We are awaiting price confirmation of the Yamaha NS-3000 bookshelf speakers, but we can expect them to wear a more wallet-friendly price tag than the NS-5000s, somewhere around the £8000 mark.


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