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Wilson Benesch introduces its flagship Cardinal speaker

Wilson Benesch has a new flagship speaker, The Cardinal, which the company claims is the most advanced model it has ever made. It costs £54,950 a pair for one of the standard finishes.

We first caught a glimpse of an early prototype at the Bristol Show earlier this year, which featured a hefty 35Kg baffle hewn from a solid block of aluminium. This houses the powerful bass units (right).

The carbon fibre based, advanced composite curved cabinet has a complex inner geometry to counter internal standing waves, which can adversely affect the sound quality.

Internal volume is said to be 65% greater than that of the Wilson Benesch Chimera, and The Cardinal stands a foot higher than its predecessor.

Part of the Geometry series, The Cardinal is fitted with proprietary Tactic-II drive units and a Semisphere tweeter. There are 18 drive units in total, delivering wide bandwidth sound from 25Hz to 35kHz.

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