Wilson Audio's remastered Watt/Puppy loudspeaker reimagines an 80s icon with modern-day tech

Wilson Audio Watt Puppy
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Wilson Audio's original WATT/Puppy loudspeakers are, according to their makers, the world's bestselling speakers above $10,000, so it's little wonder that a full-blown remaster would eventually see the light of day. That day finally came at this year's High End Munich 2024 showcase, during which we were treated to a glimpse of the rather premium remasters in the flesh.

As of today, however, the new Wilson Audio WATT/Puppy loudspeakers have unmistakably arrived via their official global launch. The new WATT/Puppy towers take their design inspiration from the original old dogs, incorporating the same angular, hands-sculpted design sported by the 1986 floorstanders, albeit with some rather comprehensive internal upgrades.

The speakers each use a single 25mm carbon tweeter and an 18cm midrange driver alongside two 20cm bass units packing cellulose composite cone technology. The towers further incorporate modern-day Wilson Audio tech, such as the US brand's specially designed and "inherently inert" composite enclosures in pursuit of greater drive unit stability. 

Wilson's original WATT/Puppy went through eight iterations between 1986 and 2011, incorporating an ever-changing combination of materials in search of the best sound. The 2024 reboot is constructed with what the maker describes as the "most refined materials" possible, showcasing specially constructed internal bracing and vibration-sink and damping interface materials striving for a stable, noise-free enclosure. 

Wilson Audio Watt Puppy on display at the High End Munich Show 2024

The new Wilson Audio Watt/Puppy loudspeakers on display at High End Munich 2024. (Image credit: What Hi-Fi?)

The new units also incorporate Wilson Audio's proprietary capacitors, wound in-house to meet tight tolerances and thus provide greater low-level resolution, revealing, says the manufacturer, "the subtle nuances of sound reproduction with remarkable clarity and depth".

Standard finish options include walnut, silver and a rather fetching spearmint coating, though Wilson Audio promises colours for the cabinets, grilles and hardware can be specified individually, opening up hundreds of potential combinations. Just so everyone knows you've got something special, the speakers' rear resistor panels even boast a limited-edition medallion commemorating Wilson Audio’s 50th anniversary. 

The reimagined Wilson Audio WATT/Puppy floorstanders are available for £41,998 (approx €49,500 / $44,500) per pair for standard colours, including VAT and installation. Premium and custom colours are also available at extra cost. 


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  • John1
    8 versions of the Watt/Puppy are mentioned but that's far more technically than actually true. The Sasha 1 was referred to as the Sasha W/P because it was really the 9th generation Watt/Puppy. It also easily outperformed the next generation Wilsons by amounts too great, to even quantify. I remember hearing a W/P7 with a Conrad Johnson integrated that in terms of transparency (to legitimately use an overused characterization) literally, blew away a Sasha 2 based system I heard at a show entirely wired with Nordost Odin 2.

    Not said lightly.

    Everything from the phono leads to virtually everything elsewas N Odin2. With a SOA TT & top of the line Dagostino was in the system I heard. This W/P reincarnation looks like it's trying to fill in a market gap & price point between the SabrinaX & the Sasha V. If you want the retro look with even higher performance, buying a used pair of Watt/Puppys & buying the last versions of the redesigned tweeter & mid range from the Sasha 1 will unquestionably & incontrovertibly provide substantially more transparency - at substantially lower cost. Take my word for none of it. Make the comparison yourself - it really is that kind of night & day. If you prefer the more easygoing sound of the latest Wilsons but at a far more attainable price, the SabrinaX has a reputation (according to all reviewers) for offering most of what the large Wilsons do, absent the same degree of scale & even more extraordinary bass. In all but the largest spaces. In those, an Alexandria series 2 with the same revised tweeter (2 of them) & midrange, I (& most other discriminating, transparency loving audiophiles) would take it over the Chronosonic in a heart beat and/or XVX any day of any week.