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The Week in HD - Tuesday 17th December

Hello everyone, and welcome to The Week in HD, where Christmas is almost upon us.

Our guide to all the must-see high-definition TV shows, films, sports and Blu-ray releases to grace your screens over the next seven days is full of festive fun and holiday cheer, with favourite and classic Christmas films aplenty.

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Christmas stocking fillers

We're a tiny bit late this week, but we'll get cracking with the latest Blu-rays you can buy just in case you're rummaging for some last-minute Christmas prezzies.

We're The Millers - Blu-ray

A late summer hit at the US box office, We're The Millers follows Jason Sudeikis' boringly named pot dealer David Clark as he creates a fake family, including Jennifer Aniston's stripper Rose, to go over the Mexican border to pick up a load of marijuana for his boss.

A film that's most definitely low-brow and judging from reactions from those who've seen it, the film's MVP is in fact Brit actor Will Poutler. Yes, him from Son of Rambow. He's all grown up that lad.

Borgen Season 3 - Blu ray

The latest Scandanavian export to rock our screens, Borgen – a Danish drama from the producers of The Killing – takes place in the world of politics and despite that, is far from boring. You might want to catch up with seasons 1 & 2 first.

Predator 3D - Blu ray

It's one the you've been waiting for, right? Arnie's and Carl Weather's nuclear bomb of a handshake, biceps popping out the screen in gut-busting 3D.

It's a classic, and reviews of the 3D disc suggest that the extra dimension is not as unnecessary as you might think. Altogether now: BIIIIIILLLLLLLYYYYY!!!

Jurassic Park 3D - Blu ray

Another golden oldie with a 3D facelift. Despite rumours of the format's demise this year, studios are still trawling though their back catalogue for titles to bring out and Spielberg's classic is just the ticket to get people back into 3D.

Spielberg oversaw the conversion so our expectations are pretty high. We always get tired of hearing this familiar refrain, but they really don't make films like this anymore. An awesome classic that's still going twenty years later.

The Long Goodbye - Blu ray

One for the father's stocking. This Robert Altman film features Elliot Gould (Ross and Monica's dad from Friends) as Raymond Chandler's eternally cynical private eye Philip Marlowe.

And this will be the only chance you'll get to see Arnold Schwarzenegger in a Robert Altman film. Have a guess as to what type of character he plays…

Misfits Season 1-5 - Blu ray

Ever imagined what it'd like to have superpowers? This long running, but recently cancelled Channel 4 show took that premise and mixed it with all kinds of anti-social behaviour, swearing and nudity.

Definitely not one for the little 'uns. All five seasons and a selection of special features are included on twelve discs.

Cinema Paradiso - Blu ray

You can see this film in the cinema (if you can find it), but for those who don't want to waste time traipsing from one cinema to another, you can order the 25th anniversary edition of this splendid film instead.

A winner of the Best Foreign Film Oscar, five BAFTA Awards and the Grand Jury Prize at Cannes, Paradiso is the film for those who love watching cinema.

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Tuesday 17th December

Elementary Sky Living HD, 9pm

On the Line. This time Holmes experiences some problems with the NYPD after a cold case he's fixating on comes back around and the police won't indulge his typically outlandish theories. Shame on them.

Sunderland v Chelsea Sky Sports HD 1, 7:45pm

These two teams met in league not long ago with Mourinho's men winning a seven goal thriller. Chelsea will be hoping for a better defensive performance than they've shown in recent weeks, while Sunderland will be hoping that a win here might restore a limping team with more confidence.

Wednesday 18th December

Stoke City v Manchester United Sky Sports HD 1, 7:45pm

The Britannia Stadium can be a tough place to visit but United have a pretty decent record there. However with both teams under new management can Stoke upset the (current) Premier League Champions?

Kung Fu Panda BBC 3 HD, 8:40pm

A panda learns kung-fu and (spoiler) beats up a tiger voiced by Ian McShane.

Simple, but brilliant.

Castle Alibi HD, 10pm

The Squab and the Quail. We're entering the last few episodes of the fifth season of Castle with this episode seeing Beckett assigned to protecting billionaire Erik Vaughn (Ioan Gruffudd) but Castle, as typical, gets a little insecure about it. Lots of staring at one another in this one.

Thursday 19th December

Girls Sky Atlantic HD, 11pm

On All Fours. A pretty good show with characters that are (deliberately) tough to like, the new season of Girls (season 3) will be kicking off soon as Sky Atlantic race through the second season.

Things are looking ominous for the girls as Hannah's (creator Lena Dunham) book deadline approaches, while Marnie attempts to follow her dreams, an attempt that will end in cringe-worthy fashion.

Man v. Food Dave HD, 7:30pm

St. Louis. Man v. Food is an odyssey, much like, erm, Greek King Odysseus and his travails after the Trojan War.

We've gone off topic.

But yes, Man v. Food is an odyssey and this week host Adam Richman attempts to down a gallon of milkshake in St Louis. We're not sure that's possible.

Louie Fox HD, 11pm

Late Show - part 2. A show that's gone under the radar in the UK. Real-life comedian Louis C.K writes, directs and produces this show about a comedia called… Louie (we're not sure why he changed the name either).

The Late Show has Louie considering whether or not to replace David Letterman as host with his ex-wife suggesting he does.

That doesn't sound incredibly exciting (or funny), but there's more to this show than meets the eye.

Friday 20th December

Paranorman Sky Movies HD Family, 8pm

Paranorman didn't have the greatest of impacts when it was released last year but seems to be enjoying an afterlife (heh) after its cinematic debut. One for the family to enjoy in the run-up of Crimbo, it's a delightfully old-school and affectionate stab at the horror films of old.

Mad Men Sky Atlantic HD, 9:35pm

Mystery Date. The sixth season of this Award-winning show is already out but this episode is from the fifth season. While Mad Men is most definitely a show that takes it its time, stick with it and it'll reveal character depth that's rare in other shows.

Mystery Date sees Joan come to a tough decision when her husband comes back from serving overseas with a revelation of his own.

Saturday 21st December

Liverpool v Cardiff City BT Sport HD1, 12:45pm

The adverts on BT Sports have thrown up the fact that the last time that Cardiff City went to Anfield they won 4-0.

Considering Liverpool beat Tottenham Hotspur 5-0 in their last match, and Cardiff are still adpating to life in Premier League, a repeat of that surprising scoreline looks a tad unlikely.

Spider-Man 2 Sky Movies HD Greats, 4pm

The second and best film in the Spider-Man franchise (that includes the new one) has Tobey Maguire's Peter Parker go up against Alfred Molina's Doc Ock.

Some fantastic set-pieces married with an involving story makes this second go-around with the webslinger not just one of the best films in the series, but one of the best superhero films to date.

Sunday 22nd December

The Muppets Sky Movies Disney HD, 1:20pm

You know what? We think the return of the muppets was a little overrated. Much as we do like the muppets, this effort traded on nolstagia a bit too much. And it wasn't as funny as it could have been either.

Still, maniacal laugh! Maniacal laugh!!

Inter Milan v AC Milan BT Sport HD 1, 7:45pm

AC Milan are having a rotten season, twenty-four points off the summit of Serie A with boardroom shenanigans taking as much headline space as the players' poor performance.

Internazionale are higher in the table but are still finding their way under new manager Walter Mazzari. Both teams will be looking for three points before the league's self-imposed winter break. If we were a betting man we'd go for Inter, but in a derby you never know…

’Til next time…

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