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The Week in HD - Monday 31st March

Hello everyone, and welcome to The Week in HD, our guide to all the must-see high-definition TV shows, films, sports and Blu-ray releases to grace your screens over the next seven days.

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Monday 31st March

Frozen - Blu-ray & 3D

Everyone should see Frozen. The highest-grossing animated film of all time, winner of two Oscars, and one of the most stunning animations ever created by Disney, Frozen is a brilliant, heart-warming, spectacular, uplifting, loving, funny, and simply wonderful film. Two sisters with a strong bond, an icy Nordic setting, a man and his reindeer, a snowman that longs for summer, and the fate of a kingdom – this is Disney at its best.

The Plantagenets BBC Two HD, 9pm

The Death of Kings. Warring houses, violent depositions, family betrayals. No, it's not an episode of Game of Thrones, it's the bloody end to the Plantagenets – the ruling dynasty of England in the Middle Ages.

What came out of their reign? On one hand: England as a politically savvy and independent kingdom, Westminster Abbey, Windsor Castle and all the Welsh castles. On the other: the Hundred Years War and the Wars of the Roses.

Tuesday 1st April

Manchester United v Bayern Munich ITV HD, 7.30pm

Barclays Premier League

Elementary Sky Living HD, 9pm

The One Percent Solution. Sean Pertwee reprises his role as Lestrade, and drops by the Big Apple just in time to investigate a bombing. Since his last meet with Holmes was less than lukewarm, tensions arise.

Wednesday 2nd April

MasterChef BBC One HD, 8pm

It's time for a fresh batch of six contestants to cook for Gregg Wallace and John Torode. After their signature dish, they must choose to create something from the sweet box of ingredients (mangos, pears, limes) or the savoury box (mackerel, chicken livers, horseradish).

Duck Quacks Don't Echo Sky 1 HD, 10pm

If you missed all the episodes of this mythbusting panel show, don't worry: this is the handy one-hour compilation episode of all its best bits.

Thursday 3rd April

MasterChef BBC One HD, 8pm

In tonight's episode, the sweet box contains raspberries, filo pastry, brioche and rosewater. The savoury box, on the other hand, contains chicken thighs, black pudding, roquefort and shitake mushrooms. We do hope the six new hopefuls put together some tasty dishes with those surprise ingredients.

Spring's Supermarket Secrets BBC One HD, 9pm

How many eggs do supermarkets need to stock for Pancake Day? Want to know the secret (and technology) behind making Easter chocolate? To be honest, I think presenter and "professional diner" Gregg Wallace is living life to the max.

Castle Alibi HD, 9pm

Limelight. A young female pop star turned into a tabloid-baiting wildchild? Gee, I wonder who that's based on. But it's not all fun and games, especially when Castle and Beckett are called in to investigate her mysterious death.

William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet Sky Living HD, 9pm

Or more accurately, it should be Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet. The film that made Shakespeare accessible to teens, that got The Cardigans's Lovefool stuck in your head for days, and introduced Leonardo DiCaprio to heartthrob stardom – the tale of two star cross'd lovers has never been more dazzling.

Friday 4th April

Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Channel 4 HD, 8pm

T.A.H.I.T.I. With Skye in critical condition, Coulson decides the only way to save her is by seeking out what brough him back to life – and we finally get answers to what happened in Tahiti.

MasterChef BBC One HD, 8.30pm

Cooking for critic Charles Campion may sound daunting, but we reckon trying to recreate John Torode's chicken liver pate with onions madagascar and melba toast is even more terrifying.

Have I Got News For You BBC One HD, 9pm

A new series - its 47th - begins tonight, with satirical stalwarts Ian Hislop and Paul Merton bringing news and joy into our Friday evenings. Jennifer Saunders is the guest host.

The Trip to Italy: Il Cenobio dei Dogi BBC Two HD, 10pm

Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan are once again dispatched by The Observer to reprise their restaurant reviewing series. They head to Italy to review six incredible meals in six different towns.

Saturday 5th April

Saturday Kitchen BBC One HD, 10am

Who would we wake up early for on a Saturday morning? Why, former Formula 1 race driver Mark Webber, of course. The straight-talking Aussie joins James Martin and co to chat about life during and after F1, and faces eating his food heaven or food hell.

Colombiana Channel 4 HD, 9pm

A young girl who witnesses her parents being brutally murdered only has one path: become a kickass assassin with a thirst for revenge. Starring Zoe Saldana.

Mars Attacks! ITV 4 HD, 9pm

A gleefully zany parody of science fiction B-movies with a spot of black comedy and political satire thrown in, this is Tim Burton as you've rarely seen him.

When Martians surround the Earth, the President of the United States and his aides arrange a meeting to settle matters. Needless to say, things don't go according to plan, and the Martians turn out to have a cruel sense of humour.

The film also has an incredible cast: Jack Nicholson, Glenn Close, Michael J Fox, Sarah Jessica Parker, Danny DeVito, Martin Short, Pierce Brosnan, and Natalie Portman, to name a few. And not a Johnny Depp or Helena Bonham Carter in sight.

Sunday 6th April

Formula 1: The Bahrain Grand Prix Sky Sports F1 HD, 3pm

Race. As we head down to the sandy setting of the Bahrain International Circuit, Mercedes's Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg are leading the pack. Red Bull, McLaren and Ferrari will be desperate to close the gap.

Let's just hope Red Bull's number two driver Daniel Ricciardo's run of bad luck stops here.

Everton v Arsenal Sky Sports HD1 & 3D, 12.30pm

Barclays Premier League

The Boat Race BBC One HD, 4.30pm

Cambridge and Oxford have been duelling it out on the waters of south west London for 160 years now. Which university will win this year? Clare Balding presents.

Davis Cup: Italy v GB BBC Two HD, 4.30pm

If you don't like boats, head to Naples for continued coverage of the quarter-final tennis match.

Game of Thrones Sky Atlantic HD, 9pm

Mhysa. Just one week to go until we return to Westeros in series 4. But to jog your memory, here's the series 3 finale. The aftermath of Red Wedding is felt throughout King's Landing, while Danaerys discovers whether she's seen as a conqueror or a liberator to the slaves in Astapor. And one Lannister finds his way home...

The Crimson Field BBC One HD, 9pm

Oona Chaplin (Game of Thrones), Hermione Norries (Spooks) and Suranne Jones (Doctor Who) – now that's a trio of formidable acting talent. Move over, Musketeers.

Set during the chaos and bloodshed of the First World War, this six-part mini-series follows the lives of doctors, nurses and patients at a hospital in war-torn France.

'Til next week...

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