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The Week in HD 9th-15th May

The weather's hot and it's late on a Friday afternoon, what could be better? Well, how about a weekend of title-deciding Premiership football and a couple of stunning movies, all in HD? The weekend shouldn't be all about catching rays after all, writes Tom Parsons.

Beyond the weekend there are some other good films and TV shows, not to mention the cricket. As usual, if I've missed something (and I usually have), tell everyone about it below.

Friday 9th May

It's a quiet night to be honest folks, with only Dirty Sexy Money (Channel 4 HD, 8.00pm) keeping you from the beer garden.

Saturday 10th May

Britcom favourite East is East (Channel 4 HD, 9.00pm) kicks off this evening's entertainment, but the real thrill is Clint Eastwood's directorial double of Flags of Our Fathers (Sky Premiere HD, 9.35pm) and Letters From Iwo Jima (Sky Premiere HD, 11.50pm). They both tell the story of The Battle for Iwo Jima, but from opposing sides, and if the story doesn't grab you, the lovely picture and thumping soundtrack will keep you entertained.

Sunday 11th May

It's the last day of the Premier League, and it's really going to the wire. If Manchester United beat Wigan, they'll be crowned champions, but if they lose and Chelsea manage to defeat Bolton, it's the Blues who will lift the trophy. All of the games kick off at 3pm, and the Chelsea and Man U matches are being shown on Sky Sports HD2 and Sky Sports HD1 respectively.

Almost as exciting is the continuation of Lost (Sky One HD, 9.00pm). The last episode was another gobsmacker, and this one, which apparently revolves around Jack's mysterious ill-health, promises to be another cracker.

Monday 12th May

There are three fairly big Blu-ray releases today, but only Signs is much cop. Aliens vs Predator: Requiem boasts some of the loudest action and worst acting ever committed to film, while Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story isn't as funny or entertaining as it should be.

Instead, I'd recommend giving Brotherhood (FX HD, 10.00pm) a try. It's a great series, and as this is only the third episode, it's not too late to jump in.

Tuesday 13th May

TV-wise it's Battlestar Galactica (Sky One HD, 9.00pm) and Mad Men (BBC HD, 11.20pm) tonight. I for one am looking forward to seeing where Starbuck's new-found bonkersness ends up.

If you're after a film, Blade (Sky Screen 2HD, 9.00pm) will provide you with plenty of thrills.

Wednesday 14th May

Ok, I'm really struggling for tonight. If anyone can recommend something good to watch, I'd appreciate it. Otherwise, it's back to Grand Theft Auto IV.

Thursday 15th May

The cricket returns with England v. New Zealand (Sky Sports HD1, 10.00am) on day one of the 1st test at Lords.

Later that evening we're being treated to two episodes of Heroes (BBC HD, 9.00pm and 10.30pm), and the third episode in the first series of Sleeper Cell (FX HD, 10.00pm).

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