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Wednesday Wrap: Spotify and Uber, limited edition UE Boom and more

And we start this week's [19th November] with the announcement that Spotify has joined forces with Uber to let you control the music coming out of your taxi's speakers – provided you have a Spotify Premium subscription.

You can connect your Spotify account from the Uber profile screen. Once this is done, you simply need to request a Uber ride as usual – if your car is music-enabled, the music bar will appear.

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Skrillex Edition UE BOOM

Ultimate Ears has collaborated with six-time Grammy Award-winning electronic dance producer Skrillex to unveil the Skrillex Edition UE Boom wireless speaker, which is expected to cost $199.

It'll be available in the US and selected European countries and provides a new look for a device that we described as having "some great features that you simply don't see" in similar products.

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Mitsubishi Electric's huge video screen

Earlier this year, we reported how a Kentucky racecourse had become the proud recipient of the world's largest 4K video screen, which was installed by Panasonic and measured 171ft x 90ft.

Now, Mitsubishi Electric has revealed it will be unveiling a Diamond Vision screen in New York's Times Square that "exceeds 4K pixel density" (2,368 x 10,048) and will span a huge 25,610sq ft.

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Jolla's "people powered" tablet

If the mainstream tablet brands don't appeal to you, what about the "world's first people powered tablet"? That's what Jolla has set out to create, and many have answered the Indiegogo call.

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40,000 HD movies on one DVD?

If your sprawling DVD collection is starting to make some demands on the space in your home, a team at Australia's Swinburne University of Technology has found a way to store 1000TB of data on a single DVD – that equates to 40,000 HD movies.

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