Want to take your PS3 or Xbox on holiday? Meet the Gaems G155 portable gaming system

Just in time for holiday season is the Gaems G155, a neatly thought out carry case - complete with screen -that allows you to take your PS3 Slim or Xbox 360 games console with you on your travels.

The G155 has a 15.5 screen (720p; LED-backlit) with an HDMI connection for your console. It also features integrated stereo speakers plus dual headphone outputs.

The ruggedised case also comes with an HDMI cable, 100-240V power supply (yes, you still need to plug into the mains...) and accessory storage bags for your controllers etc.

The case - which claims to comply with airline regulations/carry-on guidelines - measures 20x15x6.8in, weighs 8.6lb (3.9Kg), and features lockable latches. Hope you're feeling strong!

The Gaems G155 will be distributed in the UK by Roth Audio. It will be available in July, priced £299.