Vivid Audio relaunches high-end speaker range in the UK

Vivid Audio GIYA G1

To mark the occasion, the company will unveil its new flagship speaker, the £32,000 Giya G1, at the High-End Show in Munich next week. It's designed by ex-Bowers & Wilkins acoustic engineer Laurence Dickie.

Full details of the new model will be revealed at Munich, but what we know so far is that the Giya G1 is a four-way, five-driver floorstander with a highly unusual cabinet design, as you can see from the picture.

It's available in graphite, oyster, sahara, artic, pearl or borollo red finishes, or the customer can choose a bespoke colour for an extra £1150.

Ray Rowles of Vivid Audio UK says: "This is an important time in Vivid's history as we are relaunching the brand in the UK."

Eight-strong model range
Other models in the range include the £10,500 B1 floorstander (the company's first design, launched in 2003), the £14,600 K1 floorstander (a larger version of the B1 with two extra bass drivers) and the £5250 V1.5 floorstander.

Vivid also makes a two-way bookshelf speaker, the £4400 V1s, the V1w wall-mount model (£4600) and the V1h horizontal centre speaker (£2200).

Completing the range is the C1 centre channel speaker selling for £4100. All models can be ordered in bespoke colours at extra cost.

Vivid Audio will be represented in the UK by Napthine Marketing Solutions.