Cambridge Audio DacMagic
All owners of the Cambridge Audio DacMagic will get a replacement power supply free of charge following problems with the casework

As we reported last month, Cambridge Audio decided to replace all power supply units on DacMagics sold in the UK as a result of a fault.

While many owners have already been contacted, Cambridge Audio has now made it easier for you to ascertain whether your PSU is affected and to then order a replacement if required.

DacMagic owners are asked to visit to ascertain whether their PSU type is affected.

Owners in possession of original PSUs are then asked to contact their Cambridge Audio dealer to obtain a free replacement Power Supply Unit.

Alternatively they can visit where they can order a free PSU replacement.

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STORY POSTED 30/09/09:

Cambridge Audio has decided to replace the power supply unit (PSU) on all DacMagics sold in the UK. The move follows reports on our Forums of the PSU casework sometimes coming lose or cracking.

"We have recently been alerted to a problem of cracks appearing in the casework of some DacMagic power supplies after a period of sustained use," says CA.

"We believe this only affects a small number of UK PSUs, however Cambridge Audio has taken the decision, as a precautionary measure, to replace all UK DacMagic power supplies."

Owners will be contacted in the next week using the details given at the point of purchase and a replacement PSU will be provided free of charge. This will take a few weeks.

In the meantime, you should check your current PSU for any cracks or signs of damage. If the casework is damaged in any way, switch off the mains at the wall socket, unplug the PSU and do not use it again. 

CA says this problem only affects UK power supplies, and not those sold in other European countries, Australia or North America.

If you do not hear from Cambridge Audio by November 15th 2009, you can contact the manufacturer directly using the online form available on the company's website.

You can read the full statement from Cambridge Audio here.