UPDATE: BT Vision to get BBC iPlayer and 3D movies

StreetDance 3D

Not content with taking over the world, BBC iPlayer is now set to make its way on to BT Vision.

BT and the BBC will jointly launch iPlayer over the next five months, starting in early December. It's hoped that all BT Vision customers will be able to access the service by April 2011.

This will be the full version of iPlayer, offering all of the TV and radio shows available online through a "simple and intuitive BBC iPlayer-branded application".

BBC iPlayer will be delivered automatically to BT Vision customers via a service upgrade, replacing the existing BBC content in the platform's 'TV Replay' package.

Published 10.11.10

BT Vision has announced two deals designed to bring its users pay-per-view 3D movies over the coming months.

Its agreement with NBC Universal will bring all the studio's 3D titles over the next 12 months to BT Vision: viewers will be able to see Step Up 3D from November 29, with Despicable Me due to be available from March 14 next year.

And BT has also signed up with Vertigo to show British movie StreetDance in 3D: it features Britain's Got Talent 2009 winners Diversity, and finalists Flawless.

It promises to bring viewers '3D films from across range of genres - from family favourites to action blockbusters' in the coming months.

To view StreetDance or Step Up 3D will cost £5.99, compared with £4.99 in HD or £3.99 in standard definition, with pricing for Despicable Me to be confirmed early in the New Year.

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